You may lack a hat like this in your closet.


There is a place in the world that is always endless. When you think of this, many people will say that it is Bermuda and the Pacific Ocean …

In fact, it is all around us.

New clothes often become old clothes at the moment of payment, and there is always one thing missing in the wardrobe.

The matching of clothes is described as a kind of knowledge. The clothes that look plain, coupled with some accessories, can often regain their luster.

Wool coat is a hot-selling clothing in autumn and winter. How can it be matched to reduce the dull feeling in winter?

Maybe this hat can give you some ideas.

Today, I brought a woolen flat-brimmed hat with solid color and simple style.

The woolen fabric keeps warm and windproof, keeping the fashion elements while keeping warm.

There is a silver ribbon on the top of the hat, which brings some jumping sense for the dreary autumn and winter.

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Post time: Aug-05-2022