producing workshop

Look,this is our orderly producing workshop!
There are 5 production lines in our producing workshop.Each line is more than 30 workers.

Most of the workers are from this village or nearby.When they are off work,they will spend time with their family.We are very proud of this!We supply the work opportunity to them,and they can support their family.Not like the workers in the South part of China,they will leave their family to work in a far away factory.And our workers are very happy to work here.

Most of them have been working here for more than 5years and they have good experience!
There is an approved sample available in the sewing room for better and error-free production.
We have metal control in our sewing room.One machine is with one needle. Once the needle is broken,the workers need to find all the parts of the needle and to get a new one.
If all needle pieces cannot be found then the product being worked on and any other work in close proximity must be placed into a bag or box and taken to the isolation area for further checking and/or metal detection.  
Scissors need to be fastened to the machine to prevent them from falling into the clothes.

The production floor is clean and clear of clutter with everything having its own designated storage place. Food, drink and smoking are prohibited from the production area.The machines are in good condition and regularly maintained.

There are Pre-production meetings with appropriate departments for each order.The production plan is adjusted daily to meet delivery schedule.
Workers strictly comply with the quality standards,production plans and correct workmanship.The production team leader inspects during working hours from time to time and solves related problems in time.
Perform their respective duties and follow the arrangement of the group leader,which greatly improves the work efficiency of the workshop!

Post time: Mar-27-2020