1. Waterproof

When skiing, most of the time is dealing with ice and snow. In the process of skiing, snow will definitely stick to the clothes, and the snow left on the clothes will melt quickly. If the waterproof performance of the ski clothes is not good, the snow water is likely to seep into the clothes, making the skiers uncomfortable or causing diseases.

2. Windproof

When you slide down the slope rapidly and the cold wind whizzes past your ears, you will understand why the windproof function is so important for a ski suit. Clothes are so important.

3. Breathable

Skiing is a relatively strenuous exercise, which will consume a lot of calories and increase the amount of sweat during exercise. If the sweat cannot be discharged in time, it will make people’s underwear drenched, and it is not good to sweat in cold weather.  If you continue to remain still at this time, you will be in danger of frostbite.

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Post time: Feb-28-2023