PU waterproof baby bib


Babies are the purest existence in the world. In his eyes,  the world is pure and innocent, and he can’t see the flaws and filth of the world.

But sometimes in the eyes of mothers,  they are a troublemaker, often making the surroundings dirty. Clothes,  tables and floors are often soiled, especially when children are learning to eat on their own.

At this time, my mother needs a universal bib.
In recent years, our company has been promoting PU bibs.  Compared with conventional polyester fabrics,  PU fabrics are more waterproof and oil-resistant, and they are also relatively easy to clean. You only need to gently wipe them with a rag. Simplifies a lot of mom’s work.

Our company can customize the style,  color and printing according to the customer’s design. Welcome to consult.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Post time: Aug-04-2022