Oekotex PU change color kids waterproof raincoat

With the arrival of the rainy season, rain gear, a family necessity, will play its due role. Among the rain gear, the raincoat should be the most used for children. When it comes to raincoats, what comes to mind is basically those thick, heavy, wide, rigid and airtight styles seen in the market, right? But the raincoat we introduce below is of good quality and light weight. And it also has a novel feature, that is, it will change color once meet water. After meeting water, there will be exquisite patterns on the raincoat, which the children like very much. Our raincoat is very popular. The fabric of this raincoat is composed of three layers of materials. The outermost layer is a sunscreen layer, which is breathable and light. In the middle is a waterproof layer to isolate the rain. There is a protective layer under the waterproof layer. This design ensures that the raincoat is breathable, waterproof and not muggy. Our raincoat is especially light and thin, so it’s very convenient to carry, and you don’t have to wash it often. Just wipe the dirty place. Don’t miss our high-quality products. Please contact us freely if you have any reqirements.


Post time: Apr-28-2022