Fashionable and Popular Fabric for Autumn and Winter

Corduroy fabric is full of velvet, has a good three-dimensional sense, the nap is delicate and soft, is a natural fabric.The warmth of corduroy goes without saying, fabric itself is easy to dye, because this is in production when processing, the meeting is more convenient. Its washing is simple, but pay attention to water temperature, if the water temperature is too high, the fabric will shrink.


Woolen fabric is mainly composed of wool. Woolen has the same characteristics because it has scales on the surface to hide dust and is not suitable for static electricity. Its surface has a layer of scale protection, so that the fabric has good wear resistance, hard and tough texture; strong moisture absorption and is comfortable to wear; it is very hygroscopic, it can absorb the moisture discharged from the human body, so it feels dry and comfortable when wearing.Woolen fabric has natural crimp, high rebound rate, good elasticity of fabric, with wool fabric sewing clothes after ironing and setting, not easy to wrinkle, can keep the surface smooth and crisp for a long time, but sometimes there will be hair ball phenomenon.


Post time: Sep-08-2021