2021 Popular recycled waterproof baby bib with lacework

In recently days , some lacework waterproof baby bibs are very popular in Global market.

Styles included tie bib , sleeveless bib , long sleeve bib.

The shell fabric is 100% recycled Polyester with waterproof PU coating.

The workmanship is sewing.

Functions are comfortable , eco-friendly, breathable , easy washable and care.

Bibs are suitable for baby aged 6-18 months . Applicable gender : Both baby boys and girls.



Style details:


1) With different kinds of lovely macrame (such as mouse’s ears shape , wing shape ) . Many babies and their parents very love them!

2) Size adjustable is convenient.

Closed by lace-up or velcro . Because the baby is active, this design can prevent the baby from dragging the bib, and will not cause damage to the baby’s neck.

bibs 1


The cuff design is comfortable and close : The size of the cuffs can be adjusted , because of the added elastic band . Whether the baby’s wrist is thick or thin , it can be worn properly . The contraction cuff design will not rub the arm and take care of the baby’s wrist muscles.


3) Baby’s clothes are easy to be dirty, and food soup and stains are inevitable when eating and playing. If it is not cleaned thoroughly, bacteria will easily breed and cause harm to the delicate baby.

But the waterproof fabric is very easy to clear , mommy just to flush it with water or machine washable. And don’t need to go to the balcony to dry it. Put it on the drain or hang it , or dry it directly with a cloth is completely okay!


bibs 2


4) Multi functional pocket :

When the baby is 6 months old , he added supplementary food.

The all waste pocket successfully slove the baby’s rice stains , paint stains and other problems , a wash a wear a spare , save mothers’ washing time.

bibs 3 bibs 4


The recycled waterproof baby bib with lacework that are absolutely necessary for babies to go out .

When parents take their baby to shopping , put on this cute bib , the saliva will never be everywhere again !

With it , mommy can enjoy the fun time with family!


Post time: Mar-01-2021